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TPWD Recreational Trail Grant Program - $133,010 –

  • Need $26,602 Matching Funds (1077 Volunteer Hours)

  • Water / Electric for South Side Little Bluestem (IDB)            08/2022

  • Rinse Rack at Blue Stem (TBD) ------------------------     08/2020

  • Trail Restoration and Renovation 428 to 380 (In Process) -   10/2020

    • Able to share trail ​

Donate to Water/Electric

Please DONATE NOW for LRRETA to install water and electric to the remaining RV sites at Little Bluestem (Isle Du Bois). The project is under way, but we are needing funds to help complete!  We would greatly value your donation to receive these matching funds!  

Click here to Donate for water / electric! 

Donate for Water / Electric

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