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Riding horses and having fun. Let's ride!

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Would you like to have your picture in it? Maybe riding your horse on Lake Ray Roberts' trails? Or a funny picture with your best 4-legged buddy? 


Then send it to us and we will upload it for you. Just email it to

Ode to our trail


I love a trail ride, the tramping of hooves...
I love every beat, I hear in the woods.

The soft breath of my steed...
Ears pricked and alert,
The swish of her tail and plume of trail dirt...

I love a trail ride, when I hear the bird chirps,
I just want to ride and cheer from my stirrups!

That rat a tat tat, of steel shoes on red stone...
That soft thunder lope on Texas sandy loam ...

The sight of an eagle will give me a thrill,
Surrounded by nature's glory...
'Just can't get my fill.

Armadillo, cardinal, a few stealthy deer...
'Can't wait for my rides in the coming New Year!


'Ode to our trail' by Carol Nichols

A fun event for the whole family to enjoy..
...yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Thanks to our proud sponsors it is now a reality!

2016 Greenfest Sponsor, Field Obstacle and Trail Challenge

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